Saturday, 01 October 2022

S13 EP 521 You Are Steve

We are back yet again with another episode of no steam deck.  We instead talk quite a bit about the games we have been playing this week.  Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 24 September 2022

S13 EP 520 Cool-Aid Man

It's another duo cast!  Rusty and Justin dive in on some coop action this week as well as some house destruction.  We dive quite deeply into just a few games this week.  Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 17 September 2022

S13 EP 519 Spicy Voyeur

It's like we aren't even playing current games anymore with the state of play these days.  Either way, we dive into some oldies but goodies and give a review on both Ghost Runner and Ring of Pain.  Tune in for some "hot takes"! Episode
Wednesday, 07 September 2022

S13 EP 518 More Aerodynamic

We are BAAAAAACK.  The trio is finally reunited once again after months of a duo cast.  We talk a ton about games and explore a world were the internet is a scarcity.  Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 03 September 2022

S13 EP 517 Into the Shrubbery

This week there is some focus on games but we spent quite a bit of time on Gamescom.  We go through our favorite reveals so far and discuss many upcoming titles.  Stay Tuned! Episode
Friday, 19 August 2022

S13 EP 516 Stompy Robot Talk

The title says it all.  We got massively sidetracked talking mech strategies in this episode.  We also give some preliminary notes on Hard West 2, Cult of the Lamb and The Survivalists.  Tune in! Episode
Sunday, 07 August 2022

S13 EP 515 Thrust Position

It's a VR episode!  There was a steam sale on VR games and Nauss dove in to give you all some updates on "what's gud".  We dove in to a lot in to the wide world of virtual reality and talk about the state of play as it is today.  Tune in! Episode
Monday, 01 August 2022

S13 EP 514 Noodly Antiques

It's noodly because it deals with pools and video games.  We actually went through a ton this week Nauss and Jason played quite a bit this week.  We have been in the middle of a heatwave so there's been little else to do rather than sit in above ground pools and play video games!  We go through some goodies on game pass and the surprise gem that is Nightmare Reaper.  Tune in for some oldies and some newbies! Episode
Saturday, 23 July 2022

S13 EP 513 Toke and Soak

Hey folks, Nauss and Jason are holding down the fort yet again for another episode! We survive the heatwave with plenty of vidja games! We really dig into short session rogue like between Gordian Quest, Nightmare Reaper as well as Slay the Spire! We also have a full review for Guardians of the Galaxy. Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 16 July 2022

S13 EP 512 Boomer Blast

We are back for a short episode!  It's just Nauss and Jason and we go through six games in about 50 minutes!  We really dug into some quick game impressions that everyone can enjoy!  Tune in for some oldies but goodies!
Thursday, 07 July 2022

S13 EP 511 Plus 3 = Genius

It's another week of the "two of us".  While Rusty braves the harsh north in search of better internet, Jason and Nauss dig in on some "oldies but goodies" as well as some real indie gems. Nauss also talks a bit about an alpha experience with the upcoming "Endless Dungeon".  If you have listened to us for a while, you will know that this is a big deal.  Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 02 July 2022

S13 EP 510 Curmudgeon Gamer

We are back and it's just in time to distract you during the 4th.  We talk about some "oldies" but "goodies" as well as a couple of new releases.  Tune in for a quick duo episode to tide you over this week!  Episode
Rusty is still out fighting the lone dark north looking for a way to record, in the meantime, you have Nauss and Jason!  Tune in for quite the discussion on indie games and some good oldies! Episode
Thursday, 16 June 2022

S13 EP 508 Not Sixty Dollar Mad

We are back!  For the moment it's Nauss and Jason talking "comfort quality" gaming while we do another duo cast since Rusty is out for the moment.  Tune in for for some games as well as the start of Summer Game Fest! Episode
Friday, 03 June 2022

S13 EP 507 Basically Canadian

Hey it's the Tiltcast!  We are back and basically this is the last time all three of us are in the same room!  Announcement incoming!  Btw, we talk a lot about indie games.  Tune in! Episode
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

S13 EP 506 Gable It Up

It's the Tiltcast and we are back!  We are still sans one Rusty and it's just Nauss and Jason this week.  We talk quite a bit about some games as well as some current news.  Tune in for a very game centered episode!  Episode
Friday, 13 May 2022

S13 EP 505 Chad Mcfarland

It's a Rustyless cast.  While he is traveling across middle America, Justin and Jason dig in to some strategy and podcast games.  We also dig in to what we found interesting with PAX East! Tune in! Episode
Saturday, 07 May 2022

S13 EP 504 Jason Post Code

The trio is together once again to deliver quite a bit of talk about games and food this week!  We talk some old and some new as well as a full review of Weird West as well.  Tune in! Episode
It's the Tiltcast!  We are back in full flavor this week going back through some old and new with the vidjagames this week!  Tune in as we go through food and reliving old gaming experiences!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 22 April 2022

S13 EP 502 Sleepzza

The three of us are back yet again for a final show for now featuring Elden Ring.  in the absence of this game, we are trying new things!  Hang with us as we intentionally try to shorten our show.  Tune in!  Episode
Friday, 15 April 2022

S13 EP 501 Pounding Monsters

Well the boys are at it again.  This time with just two releases.  We have two folks on the team that have beat Elden Ring though this time we are sans one Rusty.  Nauss and Jason go through our final review of one of the most prolific games of the last several years.  Lastly, Jason started on Death Stranding finally.  Tune in!  It's a fun filled week! Episode
Tuesday, 29 March 2022

S13 EP 500 Chili Fe Steak

Hey folks, we are back on EPISODE 500!!!!! That's half a thousand!  You guessed it, we talk a ton of Elden Ring!  Yup, tons and tons of Elden Ring.  We also went through why we had a two week hiatus and why we will likely have another two week hiatus.  Tune in for a very full show!  Episode
Thursday, 17 March 2022

S13 EP 499 Rumbly Nuts

We are back!  Just as an aside, we will be skipping one week in recording so please enjoy one of the 499 episodes we have so far.  This week we talk about midlife crisis', video games and classic cars.  Tune in for a more "dadly" episode than last week as well as classic cars.  Tune in!  Episode
Wednesday, 09 March 2022

S13 EP 498 Ribbed for Grip

We are back yet again. It's a wild episode as we talk about things that you can put on your fingers to help your fingers from getting too dry.  We also talk quite a bit about games.  It's a very immature episode.  Tune in for games and dumb jokes.  Tune in! Episode
Wednesday, 02 March 2022

S13 EP 497 Forbidden Dawn

Its another duo cast with Rusty and Nauss.  We go through many many games this week!  Jason is out for his wife's birthday so Happy Birthday Crystal!  Tune in for a very game filled episode with very lengthy reviews tonight.  Tune in! Episode
Tuesday, 22 February 2022

S13 EP 496 Worsh Yer Shishter

We are back yet again!  It's a duo cast tonight with Rusty and Nauss!  Tune in for a lot of discussion about Dying Light, Lost Ark and Horizon.  Tune in!  Episode
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