Friday, 29 January 2021

S12 EP 450 Phalanges

It's the episode right before game of the year!  It's the Tiltcast!  You will hear tales of mounting dogs, finger condoms and co-op gaming.  Listen to us raz Rusty for 25 minutes!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 22 January 2021

S12 EP 449 3 Bang Night

It's another episode!  We jump in talking about multiplayer again! We have a some fantastic entries in this discussion and all three of us have been participating.  Jason almost had a heart attack this episode with over 1000 mg of caffeine in his system this recording.  We also talk fried chicken, BBQ and BS fusion BBQ.  Tune in!  Episode
Friday, 08 January 2021

S12 EP 448 Been Catched Up

It's the first episode of Season 12 and of 2021!  We are back after a long break during the pandemic and we come brining tidings of multiplayer.  Don't worry, we will be doing a GOTY soon, just not yet.  Tune in!  Episode
Thursday, 31 December 2020

S11 EP 447 Time for Bro-Tein

It's the last episode of 2020 and the last episode of Season 11!  This is a very PC centric episode as all three guys on the show now have cards that do RTX! We also talk about our collective experiences with Cyberpunk on PC and how it matches up to the console versions.  Tune in for our last foray for the year!  See you all next year! Episode
Friday, 18 December 2020

S11 EP 446 God Bless Tony Zotac

This week we talk our first impressions on Cyberpunk on last, LAST gen PC hardware while praising the fact that Rusty finally got his card!  Tune in for discussions on various body part sliders and general shenanigans.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 04 December 2020

S11 EP 445 Warcrime Peanut Butter

It's us!  We are back!  Going to start this "Troll Train" early and say that Nauss got his 3080 before Rusty.  Not installed but in the mail.  Next week we will devote some time to this.  This week, we talk some stories involving Keto farts and all that is magical about Deep Rock Galactic.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 27 November 2020

S11 EP 444 Never Go Full Anakin

It's yet another week at the Tiltcast!  This was recorded pre holidays to help us space out recording dates.  We go through plenty of gaming topics but things that make Jason puke rank high on the list.  We also talk some games and spent time with our unhealthy obsession with getting a new video card. Tune in! Episode
Friday, 20 November 2020

S11 EP 443 Shipetarian

We are back for a much happier episode to help you during your holiday week!  This week every game covered is NEW! We experience manliness this episode as well as tales of woe.  Tune in for some shenanigans, the excitement versus sadness of tech launches and plenty of video game talk.  Listen! Episode
Friday, 13 November 2020

S11 EP 442 Roman Noodles

We have an important announcement this week.  Zoey the wonder dog has passed.  It left a hole in my heart that I can't replace.  It's a been a tough time.  We have recovered somewhat and I took some time to talk about our prior mascot in the beginning of the show.  That being said, we did a good job of recovering and having a decent time playing out the rest of the show.  RIP Zoey.  You were an amazing addition to my life and my most loyal companion and friend.  - Nauss Episode
Friday, 06 November 2020

S11 EP 441 Warcry

This was recorded on Halloween, during a full moon, during 2020.  Can't jinx you harder than that!  The full crew comes together to talk spooky stories that have happened this year.  Get ready for some seriously dumb stories and some video games.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 30 October 2020

S11 EP 440 Sad Spaghetti

It's an odd week!  All of us are in separate areas this week so forgive the compression!  It's a short BS section before we dive into games.  We talk quite a bit of multiplayer Remnant as DLC well as some other games.  We have less new games to talk about as there isn't quite a lot out right now.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 23 October 2020

S11 EP 439 Nostalgia Row

Around here it smells like a roast!  We got some goofy banter going on between the fellas regarding some choice eyewear that Jason decided to sport.  We also are in a weird spot with games as there isn't a lot out right now.  This led us to dig in to some games we have been playing in the meantime and we do dig in.  Check out our commentary towards the end as we continue to search for new video cards.  Tune in! Episode
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

S11 EP 438 He's a Delf

This week we open the show with some experiments for SCIENCE!!! When the experiment failed, we went into some video games.  It's not all video games, it's also a fair amount about man juices in hot tubs.  Tune in for a great time with three long time friends!  It's the Tiltcast loud and proud! Click it! Episode
Wednesday, 07 October 2020

S11 EP 437 Violent Love

Hey we are back!  More Nvidia shortage woes for the team as Rusty still can't get his hands on a new 30 series video card.  Beware, there's plenty of Lola lick attacks this show as she is people starved amidst this pandemic.  We DO go in depth on some No Man's Sky Beyond and for some reason, Star Trek Online.  Tune in!  We have plenty of fun this episode! Episode
Recording woes aside, we are back yet again with an episode with the old soundboard. We dig in on the skinny with Nvidia and Jason's teaching skills.  We also really talk hardware here as well as some video games.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 18 September 2020

S11 EP 435 Bro It Out

It's an episode we did a couple weeks ago but it's an episode!  We had a lot of issues getting this episode going and we got all serious for some reason.  Regardless of this, we talked a lot about video cards and video games so tune in! Episode
Friday, 11 September 2020

S11 EP 434 Boxed Steak

We recorded on a Saturday because Jason was half dead.  We are back though!  Root'n and Toot'n and ready to jump into a bunch of graphic card speculation and news.  Tune in for an episode of antics and gaming! Episode
Friday, 04 September 2020

S11 EP 433 It's Fine

Hey all!  We are back again!  It's a week of us talk'n some Chad Bostwick and what might happen with Marvel.  We talked some Dad gaming moments, we talked cheap mixers for you college students.  Lastly this was the week of NVIDIA speculation so we spent a fair amount of time on that. Tune in for some hardware talk, rogue-likes and RPGS! Episode
Geeeeeeeeeeeeet ready!  We are sans one Rusty and plus one Trent this week.  He's broadcasting from his bunker in the middle of no where to provide more laughs and more vidja games.  We had a fantastic time going back and forth with Trent as he talks about what he's been into the last month or so.  As always, we have a great BS section and some good commentary and newer games.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 21 August 2020

S11 EP 431 McFarlane Shoulders

It's us, we are back!  We dug into games pretty early in on the show.  It's an episode full of rogue-likes!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 14 August 2020

S11 EP 430 The Bacon Cycle

This week we are sans one Nimp, up one Dwarf, Sleepy.  This week's BS portion is fairly adolescent.  Rusty was sleep deprived and we decided to mess with him a bit.  It's the Tiltcast loud and proud.  Listen! Episode
Thursday, 06 August 2020

S11 EP 429 Slurring Ds

It's yet another episode!  We are back plus one NIMP from TVGP!  We talked about the loneliness that is home life 24/7.  We do talk "northern life" as well as some vidja games.  We really dig in to Ghost of Tsushima and talked a bit more about Death Stranding and some of the other games we have been diving into.  It's more of a games-centric episode so tune in! Episode
Friday, 31 July 2020

S11 EP 428 Deck is Decked

We apologize in advance, you will hear all the stuff that's going on personally with the cast at the beginning as to why we have been inconsistent.  We are real people with real lives and 2020 has been happening.  Aside from that, we are recovering.  Needless to say, it is a normalish episode plus one Jason.  We dig in to a couple of games and yet we are back!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 17 July 2020

S11 EP 427 I'm a Chili Dog

We are back yet again!  Sans one Jason and in one Trent!  It's a week of pigs tales, deaf dogs and video games.  We go through were Trent has been the last couple of years as well as talk quite a bit about Death Stranding and Last of Us 2.  Tune in for a fun episode! Episode
Friday, 03 July 2020

S11 EP 426 Horror Adjacent

It's us and we are back!  We got a lot going on behind the scenes but we have figured out a way to keep going!  We talk about the Steam Summer Festival and we went through several upcoming releases.  We also went through about 8 play-throughs of some other games.  Tune in for some cuddly Nauss and Rusty goodness!  Tune in! Episode
Hey we are back even though we recorded this about two weeks ago.  We are ready to entertain your ears!  We casted in a triangular fashion so that you could have better audio quality.  I'm not 100% sure where the grandma puns started but the first half of the show ended up being grandma-centric.  Tune in for a heck'n goofy episode! Episode
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