Friday, 11 June 2021

S12 EP 469 Chew the Cud

Wot an episode!  It's good to have all three of the dudes back together again!  The BS section was kinda short but we had a lot of fun.  We also talk a bit about E3 as we were on day 1 as of recording this!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 04 June 2021

S12 EP 468 Glamper

Boy howdy!  We are back together again!  Rusty just got back from rural Michigan where he experienced a ton of Glamping!  We talk quite a bit about this up front as we have been sans one Rusty for almost a month.  We dove in to some more Mass Effect Legendary Edition, have a really honest review of Biomutant and really dig in to some of what is wrong with Odyssey.  Tune in for tons of BS along with a quite in depth portion of game talk.  Hit it! Episode
Friday, 28 May 2021

S12 EP 467 Man Scream

One of the dynamic duos are here this week.  Is Jason and Nauss!  We skip a portion of the BS section to really dig in to some Mass Effect 1 this week.  We talk quite a bit about Subnautica Below Zero and the current state of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.  Tune in for some very honest discussion! Episode
Friday, 21 May 2021

S12 EP 466 Foot Licker

It's a bizarre episode!  It's just the dynamic duo of Nauss and Jason!  We dig in to some games and Jason gets completely covered in dog spit.  We don't get much time to talk about Odyssey as it was mostly in an unplayable state the days before the episode.  We also got to dig in to the changes we found with the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect.  Tune in! Episode
It's a bizarre episode.  We are sans Rusty and Jason and up one Nimp from our friends at TVGP.  It's an episode of sequels! We dig in to some VR stuff as well as a lot about exploration games.  The unlikely dynamic duo dig in to have some fun nerding out together.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 07 May 2021

S12 EP 464 The Recticles

It's a more VR centered episode!  We spent less time on the BS section and dove right in to talking about our experience with the Oculus Quest 2!  We talk a bit about how it works and how to set it up on a budget as well as our experiences with it in Elite Dangerous, Beat Saber and The Morrigan.  We do go quite in depth with tracking and how it does versus the old Asus WMD that we had before.  Tune in!  We provide a lot of info this week!  Episode
Friday, 30 April 2021

S12 EP 463 Dusty Meat

It's another week of the Tiltcast!  We almost didn't make it because we are less a Rusty but Nauss and Jason were able to get an episode out of us!  We talk quite a bit about Elite Dangerous since Nauss and Jason were able to finally make that game work for us.  We also were able to dive in to a new game called Legend of the Keepers to showcase another indie gem.  Tune in! Episode    
Friday, 23 April 2021

S12 EP 462 Roll Dem Bones

We were out a week because "life".  We are back though with a fairly long episode where we dig right in to how to teach kiddos to table top game! We do keep it pretty "mature" though and dive into the wide world of Elite Dangerous and The Witcher 3 again along with an in depth review of the new expansion for Monster Train!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 09 April 2021

S12 EP 461 Man Cold

We are back yet again!  It's the Tiltcast and it's an episode with a more full take on Outriders and The Binding of Isaac the new DLC!  Tune in for mostly games!  Episode
Friday, 02 April 2021

S12 EP 460 Chunky Lad

4, 3, 2 1!  Yup, that's the date we recorded on.  This week we dive in to some April Fool's shenanigans as well as some games.  We dig in with a lot of talk about Ark and Binding of Isaac and talk our initial impressions of Outriders.  Tune in for teh games! Episode  
Friday, 26 March 2021

S12 EP 459 A Lot More Better

It's us!  We are back yet again plus one Jason and plus one Nimp from TVGP.  We go through the usual BS including a trip down to brown town but pull out of that to talk quite a bit about some survival games plus one Dark Souls.  It's always fantastic to have a guest, tune in for funsies!  Episode
Friday, 19 March 2021

S12 EP 458 Kitty Yodeling

It's an episode recorded in the very late night of ye ol' Saturday.  It's basically the petcast as Rusty talks about handling a cat the last few days and we talk some Lola dog.  We also dive deep into some Loop Hero and Phoenix Point changes as well as other games.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 12 March 2021

S12 EP 457 Magical Powders

Schedules are chang'n, dogs are flying, the room is ablaze with talk of video games!  We are sans one eye for Rusty as we dive into a week of migraines and gaming.  We talk quite a bit about gaming this week a lot less about BS.  Tune in for a shorter episode! Episode    
Friday, 05 March 2021

S12 EP 456 From the Waist Up

It's an episode about the work at home work attire!  Of course we do talk video games.  If you are wondering why we are still talking Battletech, it's because it's a good game and BTA 3062 is an amazing mod.  We also talk two other turn based games.  Urtok the Desolation and Loop Hero.  Wrapping it up, we talk Valheim builds as Rusty has already dumped about three days of gameplay into this at the time of recording.  Tune in for da gamez! Episode
Friday, 26 February 2021

S12 EP 455 Soaper Satisfying

It's another episode of the Tiltcast!  We talked minimal BS so we could dive in to some more Battletech and Valheim with a little bit of Curse of the Dead Gods!  It's a game centric episode.  Tune in!  Episode
Friday, 19 February 2021

S12 EP 454 His Speedsuit

This week we get spicy...quite literally!  Be prepared for an inordinate amount of BS before we dive in to some video games.  We talk about the best ways to play Valheim while revisiting Battletech and Wasteland 3.  Tune in for a feature length cast as we dive in to everything RPG.  Listen! Episode
Friday, 12 February 2021

S12 EP 453 Sandals

It's the first episode after our GOTY episode and man does it feel good!  We've been ready to talk other games now for about three weeks!  Hang in there with us as we talk tales of frozen woe as we basically can not do anything other than play video games!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 05 February 2021

S12 EP 452 Tiltpicks 2020 Part Deux

It's part Deux!  We simplified a few things this time around!  We walked through the early access titles that were worth playing and what had potential.  We also gave you a sneak peak for what we are talking about next week! We wanted to make sure that we covered a personal game from 2019 for each of us that was special.  2020 was a weird year and the game release schedule was not normal.  This led us to do a top 3 for each of us and then we collaborated for a site top 10!  We argue and troll each other a bit to make sure that the right games for us make it.  No real BS this week because we wrap up early access stuffs. Tune in!! Episode              
Tuesday, 02 February 2021

S12 EP 451 Tiltpicks 2020 Part 1

It's that time of year where we deliberate on what game was our personal favorites and what games were the winners for the site.  We finally get started with our GOTY episode along with the practical application of the annoyatron and teh magic of chaffles!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 29 January 2021

S12 EP 450 Phalanges

It's the episode right before game of the year!  It's the Tiltcast!  You will hear tales of mounting dogs, finger condoms and co-op gaming.  Listen to us raz Rusty for 25 minutes!  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 22 January 2021

S12 EP 449 3 Bang Night

It's another episode!  We jump in talking about multiplayer again! We have a some fantastic entries in this discussion and all three of us have been participating.  Jason almost had a heart attack this episode with over 1000 mg of caffeine in his system this recording.  We also talk fried chicken, BBQ and BS fusion BBQ.  Tune in!  Episode
Friday, 08 January 2021

S12 EP 448 Been Catched Up

It's the first episode of Season 12 and of 2021!  We are back after a long break during the pandemic and we come brining tidings of multiplayer.  Don't worry, we will be doing a GOTY soon, just not yet.  Tune in!  Episode
Thursday, 31 December 2020

S11 EP 447 Time for Bro-Tein

It's the last episode of 2020 and the last episode of Season 11!  This is a very PC centric episode as all three guys on the show now have cards that do RTX! We also talk about our collective experiences with Cyberpunk on PC and how it matches up to the console versions.  Tune in for our last foray for the year!  See you all next year! Episode
Friday, 18 December 2020

S11 EP 446 God Bless Tony Zotac

This week we talk our first impressions on Cyberpunk on last, LAST gen PC hardware while praising the fact that Rusty finally got his card!  Tune in for discussions on various body part sliders and general shenanigans.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 04 December 2020

S11 EP 445 Warcrime Peanut Butter

It's us!  We are back!  Going to start this "Troll Train" early and say that Nauss got his 3080 before Rusty.  Not installed but in the mail.  Next week we will devote some time to this.  This week, we talk some stories involving Keto farts and all that is magical about Deep Rock Galactic.  Tune in! Episode
Friday, 27 November 2020

S11 EP 444 Never Go Full Anakin

It's yet another week at the Tiltcast!  This was recorded pre holidays to help us space out recording dates.  We go through plenty of gaming topics but things that make Jason puke rank high on the list.  We also talk some games and spent time with our unhealthy obsession with getting a new video card. Tune in! Episode
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