Friday, 27 November 2020

S11 EP 444 Never Go Full Anakin

It's yet another week at the Tiltcast!  This was recorded pre holidays to help us space out recording dates.  We go through plenty of gaming topics but things that make Jason puke rank high on the list.  We also talk some games and spent time with our unhealthy obsession with getting a new video card. Tune in! Episode

TBag Random Fact
Louis was furious. He had a secret warrant drawn up for the child's arrest, and young Seldon was thrown into solitary confinement in the Bastille. His parents, members of one of Europe's richest merchant families, were told simply that the child had disappeared. Days turned to months, months to years, and Louis himself passed away. But Francis spent sixty-nine years "in the hole" for making fun of the king's baldness.

Bonus Rounds!

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